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About Nordic Personnel Solutions

Nordic Personnel Solutions Ltd was established through a growing demand in the Construction Industry in the Nordic Countries. Following years of personal experience working on Major Construction projects the struggles of many Companies to find talented, skilled, professional people became obvious. With an attractive working destination in the Nordic Countries we form the bridge for you to qualified personnel for recruitment and Construction solutions  

Here at Nordic Personnel Solutions we offer a dual service:

Recuirtment Partner

Our recruitment section reaches out to thousands of qualified people across Europe. As our Recruitment Partner we offer you the solutions through a vast data base of highly qualified personnel. We are committed to providing successful solutions for all involved and bring a positive recruitment approach to you with the objective of providing quality personnel as your solution.


Engaging with numerous civil construction companies and joint ventures right across the Nordic Countries. We bring a high talent of skilled workers to the project. Ranging from Site management level to construction workers. Our workforce is committed to reaching your goals on time, becoming a partner on your project delivers the perfect solution.

Why Choose Nordic Personnel Solutions

  • Qualified Staff
  • Faster Recruitment
  • Perfect Candidate
  • Skilled Workforce

The Nordic countries have always attracted talented people from around the world. Offering unlimited career opportunities for many people wanting to climb the ladder to success. If you are seeking the skilled resources for your project or that talented team member for that dream job in the Nordic countries, then here are a few reasons why NPS are the number one choice for you!

    • We take the time to understand your requirements.
    • NPS have an in-depth knowledge of the market place.
    • We bring our own team of skilled workers to your project.
    • We will work with you to fill that vacancy with the right person.
    • You will receive regular contact advice and feedback from our consultants.
    • Our vast database saves you time and money in finding the right candidate.
    • Our many clients offers you a number of opportunities finding the right job.
    • Using NPS allows you more time to focus on other business matters.
    • Your satisfaction is the right candidate for the right career.
    • NPS are the leaders in providing the Nordic countries with high quality personnel.

To deliver your project on time. Build your professional team of employees or find that excellent career.
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About Us

Our Mission

Superior Selection

NPS have an excellent team of skilled employees to meet your projects requirements. We also hold a vast database or superior candidates and clients.

Our Promise

NPS promise to provide only quality candidates and quality careers.

Save Money and Time

NPS do the work for you. Saving you hours spent on recruiting or job searching